Innovation at the service of the jeweler

YOU are the Jeweller!

Gioielleria Italiana is a service developed with jewelers and for jewelers.
Our customers are more then 300 of jewelers to whom we have returned the role of protagonists in the sale of a precious jewel


You can customize the jewelry by choosing the model, the size, the type and quality of the stones, the type and weight of the chain, and the size of the earring holders. You can make your collection unique by engraving your brand.


High-tech platform that independently manages production through the various subcontractors, verifying the progress in real time up to internal quality control.


The platform is a system that allows the jeweler to create a line of jewels under his own brand, to engage his customers by assuming the role of jeweler and not that of a retailer.


Thanks to the disintermediation of processes carried out with the platform, the value for money is on average 30% lower than normal market prices.

Are you a Jeweler?

We have created an online configurator that allows you to customize a jewelry line with a classic design in all its features choosing from more than 200,000 unique combinations.
Access to the platform is reserved exclusively for jewelers.

Our jewels

The jewels are 100% made in Italy, in Valenza, by the same craftsmen who usually work as subcontractors for the brands whose concessionaire is the jeweler. These subcontractors are managed with a technological and innovative system that allows the traceability of orders and raw materials in real time.

Before Gioielleria Italiana


Cost of production


Average markup


Cost to the jeweler

With Gioielliera Italiana


Cost of production


Average markup


Cost to the jeweler

Together with hundreds of Jewelers

Gioielleria Italiana collaborates with over 300 Jewelers in Italy and Europe and has over 90 Partner jewelers who are not only customers but also investors and shareholders. Working with Gioielleria Italiana means actively participating in a project that aims to revolutionize the jewelry sector. It means participating in an expected and necessary change in a market that works with little digital and innovative systems.

Some of our Partner

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Let’s innovate together

Gioielleria Italiana is proud to welcome jewelers in our innovation because only through jewelers we can understand the needs of the market and constantly improve the proposals we can offer to our customers. There is no minimum purchase or registration fee to access our service.

About us


“We really believe in Gioielleria Italiana, there is nothing on the market like it that really gives us the opportunity to take a step forward, be competitive and give our customers the highest quality at the lowest price”

Marzia Breda


“Gioielleria Italiana is a breath of fresh air in a normally slow and difficult sector. Anything new and well done is good for our industry.
Gioielleria Italiana is the first real process innovation: exploiting craftsmanship in an innovative way and being able to integrate it into a standardized and profitable process is the right method ... "

Gregorio Delfino


“Collaborating with Gioielleria Italiana allows us to have a vision of a possible future already in our jewelers. We can play an important role in our local realities and we can have the possibility to expand our market shares also online.”

Paolo Gianotti


“The work we do is the Return to the Jeweler; the customer wants you to recommend the jewel and if you are good you make money with your product and not with brands. Sell your product, decide how to do it and if you want to make your own line… You can't do it alone, you need a partner and we have chosen Gioielleria Italiana and we are very satisfied with the results. "

Monica Herzel


“Gioielleria Italiana has built a purchasing group with modern systems. In a short time she managed to gather a considerable number of Italian jewelers who believe in this project. It is an opportunity to build an information network that can bring us an advantage in our sector. Gioielleria Italiana is a business opportunity, but it is also an opportunity for growth for our sector and a cultural enrichment for all jewelers in Italy.“

Aldo Biscontin


“If you stay still, you will not have a chance to see how the market develops. Time passes, innovations will arrive and if we are not the first to do it there will be someone else who will do it in our place ... What I can recommend to my colleagues is to take a look and think about it, because Gioielleria Italiana is a very important innovation.”

Alberto Perini

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Liguria Business Journal

C’è anche Gioielleria Italiana, di Albissola, nelle 20 start-up di Intesa Sanpaolo Elite Lounge: avrà la possibilità di accedere a servizi integrati e a una rete di professionisti e investitori internazionali.


Sono Barberino’s, Gioielleria italiana, Meeters, e Prometheus le cinque startup che hanno vinto la quarta edizione di B Heroes, il programma di accelerazione e mentorship dedicato alle aziende innovative italiane promosso in collaborazione con Intesa Sanpaolo e Innovation Center, e che si sono aggiudicate un investimento complessivo di un milione di euro da parte di B Heroes.

Quotidiano nazionale

Conclusa a Milano la quarta edizione di B Heroes, programma dedicato alle startup italiane promosso in collaborazione con Intesa Sanpaolo e Innovation Center. Tra le cinque aziende innovative che si sono aggiudicate un investimento Gioielleria Italiana (Savona).

Meet our team

Francesco Mangini


Francesco Sette

Partner and Commercial Director

Enrico Romanelli

Partner and Legal Advisor