We are an innovative enterprise in the B2B sector of precious jewelery.

We have made an important innovation in production and in distribution that allows the jeweler to be the leading actor inside his business and to have very important savings compared to traditional purchasing channels for precious jewels.

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If you are a jeweler, thanks to our digital platform you can create a  personalized precious jewel by choosing from over 120,000 unique combinations, customizing every detail according to your needs.


The jewels are 100% made in Italy, in Valenza, by the same craftsmen who usually work as subcontractors for the brands for whom the jeweler is a dealer. These subcontractors are managed with a technological and innovative system that allows the traceability of orders and raw materials in real time.


Your jewelry

Average load 80%

production cost 100 €

sale to the jeweler 180 €


High-tech Platform
Gioielleria Italiana
Your jewelry

Average load 23%

production cost 100 €

sale to the jeweler 123 €



Customization of the jewel by choosing model, size, type and quality of the stones, type and weight of the chain, size of the butterflies. Engraving your brand will allow you to make your collection unique.


High-tech platform that independently manages production through the various subcontractors, verifying the progress in real time up to internal quality control.


The platform is a system that allows the jeweler to create a line of jewels under his own brand to retain his customer by playing the role of jeweler and not a dealer.


Thanks to the disintermediation of processes carried out with the platform, the value for money is on average 30% lower than normal market prices.


Our innovation includes the ability to be part of it!

Gioielleria Italiana, has over 90 partner who, in addition to being customers, are also investors and therefore shareholders.

Being a Partner of Gioielleria Italiana means taking an active part in a project that aims to revolutionize the precious jewelery sector. It means investing and participating in an expected and necessary change in a market that is usually operated with little digital and innovative systems.


Gioielleria Italiana is proud to welcome jewelers in their innovation because it is from the jewelers themselves that they can understand the needs of the market and constantly improve the proposals they can offer to their customers. To access our service there are no minimum purchase or registration fees, Gioielleria Italiana is a service designed with jewelers, in favor of jewelers.


For a maximum of 100 jewelers we offer the opportunity to be partners in our start-up enjoying important advantages. In fact, we are selecting some jewelers to make them an active part of our project.

We believe it is important to have partners who are our references to understand the demands and needs of consumers as well as the jewelers themselves.

It constitutes a concrete technological innovation that rationalizes the production and distribution chain, shortening it and defining the right role for the professional figures really involved in the sector, the jewelers.

Maria Bartucca

An easy access to the jewelry order with a very competitive price / quality ratio. Very modern project in the goldsmith sector that to date followed somewhat obsolete paths. The first order I placed arrived on time as per the contract and the quality conforms to the order.

Federico Tessaro

I am convinced that Gioielleria Italiana constitutes a concrete technological innovation as it rationalizes the supply chain by shortening it, increasing the marginality of the jeweler and defining the right role for the professionals who are really involved in the sector.

Sebastiano Sessa

In addition to innovation, I see in Gioielleria Italiana the first purchasing group project among jewelers. I see a future prospect of being able to expand the proposed product categories, with the possibility of organizing production based on the requests of those who are at the forefront of customers

Aldo Biscotin

I joined the project immediately. Jewels created to measure for our customer in compliance with the strictest quality standards of the goldsmith manufacturing. Gioielleria Italiana will certainly become an important icon of the sector. The goods that were delivered to me met the quality criteria and had an excellent sellout.

Davide Antoniazzi

Special thanks to Francesco for making me part of this Project. You are the jeweler! I believe there is no better phrase to make people understand the meaning of this activity and to convince those who still have some doubts to join this “team” We tested, during the Christmas period, some purchases in a very short time and I must say excellent response from the Platform!

Sartori Gioielli

Being our partner means:

  • Participate in an innovative start-up that aims to revolutionize the jewelry market in Italy and Europe, acquiring shares that will multiply the future value;

  • Enjoy deductions of 50% of the invested capital;

  • Receive a course that helps both the owner and the sellers to propose and sell their own brand jewels;

  • Knowing the data, analysis and margins that the platform applies in transparency;

  • Have a fixed and clear discount that allows the partner jeweler to buy with a lower price than a customer jeweler.

  • Being able to create a jewelry configurator with the brand and colors of your jewelry.

  • Being able to integrate custom configurator on your site to offer a customization experience to your customer.




Francesco Mangini

CEO and founder

Founder of “Consulting for Jewelers”, the first consulting company specializing in the world of jewelry. Since 2015 he has been producing for third parties and distributing jewelry in northern Italy. He is the creator and founder of Gioielleria Italiana.

Davide Di Lorenz


Owner of the Dilorenz company that has been operating in Valenza as a setting workshop for over 20 years. Counting on a team of 6 people who make up his staff, he will take care of the setting process of many of the jewels made by Gioielleria Italiana.

Sandro e Laura Orsini


They are the owners of Orsini, one of the reference companies in Valenza in the production of jewelry. Their company has been operating in the jewelry market since 1970.

Alessandro Ivaldi


Co-founder of Talent Garden Genova, CEO and Founder of Enginius, software house responsible for the development and management of the IT platform that is the basis of the Gioielleria Italiana project.

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